Joyce Smith

the session

the experience
Sessions take place in your home (both indoors and outdoors), at the natural light studio in Wayne (also indoors and outdoors), or at a different outdoor location. If I photograph at your home, I'll come over, and we'll chat a bit while I sit on the floor and get to know your dog. Then I'll walk around your home and yard, looking for the most glorious patches of light before playtime begins. Sessions at the studio are just as relaxed and, most of all, fun! Think of a beautiful, light and airy loft-like setting filled with modern furnishings (fabulous but unbreakable, so no worries!) and whimsical touches. Available session times are select weekday mornings (studio or Main Line area only) and Saturday mornings (any location). When deciding between a studio session and a home session, you'll want to consider not only the look you prefer but also, more importantly, the setting in which your pet is likely to be more comfortable. See the "Franklin & Mr. Chips" gallery to view a studio session. During our time together, I'll take time to get to know your dog. Whether he's shy and flinches at the sound of the camera shutter or she's a loves-strangers-and-must-jump-exuberantly social butterfly, the experience of your session will be relaxed and fun while the resulting artwork will be treasured always. Remember: relaxed parents + relaxed photographer + organic dog treats = happy dogs and stunning portraits!
but the photos on the site are so perfect . . .
. . . and my living room isn’t quite decorated yet . . . and my yard isn’t impeccably landscaped . . . and my puppy has been asked to leave obendience school . . . and my portraits will never look like these. Nonsense! You’ve just described the thought process of nearly every client featured here. Your photos will be beautiful. Really.
To begin the process of booking a session, please visit the "speak!" page and send a note. Looking forward to meeting you and creating beautiful artwork featuring your pet!